Open event in Ljubljana

Event INFO

Date: 15 February 2019

Topic: Identifying training needs

Organised by: BICERO

Participants: Open event

Language: SIovenian and English


We joined forces and exchanged experiences about #socialinnovations and #sustainability during the conference in TPC Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Kristjan Zemljič and Maja Novak presented the social innovation academy (SOCIA).

Matjan Cojhter presented the award-winning (HORUS) social-innovation OPICA toy (The Monkey), made of discarded socks and produced by people with disabilities. Eva Štraser (Evegreen) showed us an innovative and sustainable way of producing biodegradable plant pots.

Tomi Rozman (BICERO) presented the Teachsus project and talked about the relationship between sustainability, social innovations and information technology (e.g. Is Bitcoin sustainable? Is it a social innovation?).

Fruitful debate during the Q&A session informed us which sustainability topics we should include in our courses.


Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o., Tehnološki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana

Conference room B3, ground floor building B

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